" Being in the children's entertainment space, I not only enjoyed reading but transported myself to " Bob's " shoes and could visualize the kind of fun I would have had with ' Magic ' :). I see the beginning of a series... story sequels with " Bob " .... like ' Harry Potter '....for younger audiences with some exciting visual effects "
- A K Madhavan- CEO, Crest Animation Studios Ltd.
“Neera is indeed a gifted writer with substance and great visual sense so much so that you are instantly drawn into her this book she excels in narrating the journey of a kid who finds magic in most materialistic world that ultimate leads him to certain profound is a journey replete with fun, excitement and entertainment creating ' ‘the Harry Potter of India '...well done.”
- Subhash Ghai, renowned filmmaker
“The writing is as racy as a child’s imagination. Narrative and descriptive at the same time, Neera has managed to get into the mind of the child and see colours, images, dialogues, perspectives and relations from a completely different scale. Definitely, an interesting read.”
- R Sridhar, Sr Editor, The Times of India
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